Treatments World


Acid pH, post color, Anti-Fade, with Quinoa & UV Filter.

Post color shampoo

Post color shampoo 300ml.- 1000 ml.

Post color hairmask

Post color hairmask 150ml.- 1000 ml.

Restructuring treatment hair lotion

Restructuring treatment hair lotion – 5 fiale da 7 ml.


Hair rebuilder for treated hair with Macadamia & Cheratin.

Rebuilder shampoo

Rebuilder shampoo 300/1000 ml.

Rebuilder hairmask

Rebuilder hairmask 150/1000 ml.

Rebuilder fluid

Rebuilder fluid 100 ml.


Liss effect with Argan & Cashmere.

Liss effect shampoo

Liss effect shampoo 300/1000 ml.

Liss effect hairmask

Liss effect hairmask 150/1000 ml.

Hair Spray Elisir liss effect

Hair Spray Elisir liss effect 100 ml.


Volumizing with Aloe Vera juice & Rice.

Volumizing shampoo

Volumizing shampoo 300/1000 ml.

Volumizing hairmask

Volumizing hairmask.
150/1000 ml.

Volumizzante / Volumizing

Volumizzante / Volumizing 200 ml.


Anti yellow, blonde hair, with silk protein.

Antiyellow shampoo

Antiyellow shampoo 300/1000 ml.

Antiyellow hairmask

Antiyellow hairmask 150/1000 ml.

Antiyellow bi-phase

250 ml – cod.0699

Antiyellow bi-phase 250 ml cod.0699


Antidandruff & greasy hair.

Antidandruff shampoo

Shampoo is enriched with Piroctone Olamine, ensures the removal of all types of dandruff and re-establish the natural equilibrium of scalp.
300/1000 ml.

Antidandruff scrub

Scrub using before shampoo, combines to the action of microspheres of Volcanic Perlite the purifying action of Charchoal Bamboo, removing the residues of dandruff and sebum in excess from scalp.

250/1000 ml.


A mix of Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B and C, Omega 3 and Amino Acids, Chlorophyll and Beta Carotene for energizing and moisturizing effect.

Energising Shampoo

Energising Shampoo. 300/1000 ml.

Energising Tonic

Energising Tonic. 12 vials x 10 ml.