Technical World

Oily complex

With Keratin & Vitamin E 150ml. – cod.0649

Specific treatment with natural oils, enriched with Vitamin E. Ideal for technical treatments and sensitive skins. It increases the hair brightness, lightness and intensity during the hair DYEING and BLEACHING treatments. It protects the hydro-lipid skin layer limiting the hair DYEING, BLEACHING
AND STRAIGHTENING chemical aggressions.
The final result is a soft, bright, nourished and healthy hair.


500 ml – 0 cod.0617 – 1 cod.0618 – 2 cod.0619

Hair perm 0, 1, 2 rice protein formula.

Neutral Y

Hair neutralizer post-perm. 1000 ml – cod.0616

Hair neutralizer post-perm rice protein formula.