Finish World

Products from exceptional performances, with formulas and fragrances searched and contemporary, studied to personalize your style, in accordance with the most glamorous trends.


Instant balsam

Bi-Phase conditioner 250 ml.


Multi intensive spray 10 in 1 – 150 ml.

Salty Passion

Sea salt lotion 200ml.


Hair Mousse Strong Hold

Mousse extra strong 300 ml.

Iron Care

Thermo protective for hairdrier & hot plates 200 ml.

Styling Smooth

Liss or curl effect 2 in 1 250 ml.


Restructuring crystal 80 ml.

Curls Amplify

Curls amplifier 150 ml.


Hair Spray Styling Touch

Strong hold modeling hair spray 500ml.

Boost Volume Powder Wax

Volumizing powder wax – 5 gr.

Hair Gum

Ultra strong modeling gum – 250 ml.

Styling Hair Spray Eco

Eco Hairspray, extra strong – 250 ml.

Kyss Hair Wax

Extra strong hair wax – 100 ml.